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Encouragement of Climb: "Omoide" Present

Encouragement of Climb: "Omoide" Present

On the final day of summer vacation, Kokona Aoba is ready to spend some long-awaited time with her mother, but these plans are unfortunately canceled due to work. Opting to go outside instead, she takes a stroll down a familiar path—one where fond memories appear at every corner. Later, in the middle of autumn, Hinata Kuraue and Aoi Yukimura are looking through a scrapbook of their childhood. Snooping around in Aoi's room, Hinata finds that she has kept a strange acorn as a keepsake, but doesn't remember the reason why. As its discovery dwells on her, a wave of old memories comes forth, causing her to reminisce about a forgotten event from her childhood. From time spent with loved ones to promises from the past, Yama no Susume: Omoide Present follows the three girls as they cherish old memories while crafting entirely new ones to remember. [Written by MAL Rewrite]
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